Vintage H Lesser and Sons

Whilst visiting H Lesser and Sons mill last month we came across some vintage Lesser cloths in their store-room, after a thorough rummage and eliminating any under 3 metres we convinced them to send the rest down to us to store in our shop. Not knowing how far the lengths actually date back the rough estimate was 1960-1970s, most are super 120s upwards and have kid mohair blends with mainly a stripe or check of various colours running through. They have that retro look and the feel of the cloth is amazing. A lot of H Lesser and Sons fans have put various posts and reviews on what they think of the cloth and what makes it that bit better then anything else out there, from the way its woven to the amount of time put into the finish to make the cloth as durable as possible without losing the quality, none explain it much better then ‘Film Noir Buff’ in this post





Suits in this cloth are £1000 and will only have 1 pair of trousers due to how much fabric is left, Anyone who wishes to browse through the cloth its placed in the top right hand corner of our back wall.



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