London bespoke suits -There is nothing Quite like a Graham Brown Bespoke Suit 

Whether it's a powerful statement for the boardroom or a refined look for special occasions, our bespoke tailoring ensures your attire perfectly aligns with your distinctive vision. At Graham Browne, we bring the art of tailoring to life with a touch of innovation, resulting in tailored suits that stand out in any setting.
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The Graham Browne Bespoke Suit Creation Process

London Bespoke Tailored Suits

Of the many advantages of bespoke suiting, the most obvious is choice. You can have any kind of suit you like, with exactly the cut, style and cloth of your choice. Our master tailors can advise and help refine your vision until you have your own unique signature suit.

Graham Browne have a wide selection of top quality cloth from around the world. We generally recommend cloth from British or Italian mills, such as those in Huddersfield, generally considered the world’s best or from the creative and technical masterpieces of Italy’s Caccioppoli.
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Your Consultation

 The first step is to book an appointment with our experienced team or just pop into our shop in Bow Lane, the Heart of London. We'll discuss your unique style and preferences, helping you create the perfect garment.

Styling Consultation

During this session, we'll delve deep into your clothing needs, lifestyle, and vision for your new suit or jacket. Together, we'll determine the ideal style that resonates with your individuality.

Precision Measurements

Once your style and fabric choices are made, our skilled tailors will take over 30 precise measurements to create a bespoke paper pattern tailored to your unique figure. These measurements are the foundation for your one-of-a-kind garment.

Basted Fitting

Several weeks later, your bespoke order enters its first 'basted' fitting stage. At this point, your garment takes shape as a skeleton, held together by white baste stitching. This fitting allows our tailors to make structural adjustments as needed to achieve the perfect fit.

Forward Fitting

Progressing a few weeks further, your suit will be close to completion. During this fitting, we meticulously assess the fine points of fit and make any necessary tweaks to ensure your comfort and satisfaction with your new clothes.

Final Fitting

This is the penultimate step in the process. Your garments are nearly complete, lacking only the hand-finished details such as buttonholes. The final fitting serves as a thorough quality check, ensuring that everything is absolutely perfect for you.

Artisanal Finishing

Following the final fitting, your garment undergoes meticulous hand-finishing and receives a delicate, pristine pressing. Our skilled artisans hand-sew all top-stitching and buttonholes with utmost care, adding the final touches that epitomise Graham Browne's commitment to craftsmanship.


After approximately eight to ten weeks and an average of three fittings, your bespoke garments are ready for collection. Each piece represents several thousand stitches, the skilled hands of five tailors, and approximately eighty hours of dedicated work, resulting in a truly exceptional Graham Browne bespoke suit.
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refined over time

We offer only the traditional, full bespoke service. Following a consultation with your tailor, a paper pattern will be created which is unique to you. This is kept on file for any future suits and will be refined over time, as your body changes.
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