The Pandora’s box of cloth

3 to 4 years ago a customer came in to collect his suit and whilst going through his final fitting the conversation moved to cloth and mills, He mentioned that there was a mill near his parents house in the west country and the next time he goes up there he’ll pop in for a look around and even see if they have cloth bunches. A few months later a 6 inch square box arrived from the mill with every cloth sample attached to loose pieces of card, not the ideal way for a customer to flick through and for this reason didn’t take into consideration when selecting bunches for an order. It wasn’t until we had a customer who had booked an afternoon off to select his cloth and was willing to pull all these pieces of cloth out of the box that we saw the full range, soft wool/cashmere mix jacketing’s to light donagal tweeds the fabric was amazing and made up fantastically. The mill is called Marling Evans and date back 400 years to the 16th century, they was originally a hand weaving workshop and by the 19th century became one of the most significant textile company’s in the west of England. They mainly weave for other cloth houses, especially in Italy and Spain and only really send cloth samples out if required which explains the box rather then the bunches which we are all more familiar with. I’ve spoken to other tailors at the MTBA about Marling Evans and most don’t seem to have heard of them which I find surprising given how good the quality is and how far they date back and I think all English Tailors should be using a mill that has so much heritage. So to all you patient soles who can take a bit more time, find your spot on our chesterfield, grab a cup of tea and explore The Pandora’s box which is Marling Evans.









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