Dashing Tweed Gallery

For those unaware of Dashing Tweed material it was originally designed for cycling in London by photographer Guy Hills and weaver and textile designer Kirsty McDougall, weaving yarns that glow in the dark when a light is directly shone on it was a great practical idea for cyclists who wanted to dress with style rather than wear odd workman’s vests thrown over whatever you may be wearing at the time. It wasn’t long before the dandy’s was wearing it as a day to day suit around town, they loved the fact that it was colourful, bold and exclusive, originally Dashing Tweeds would weave enough cloth for around five to six suits and once that was finished a new design would replace it, even now a lot of the designs are limited. Here are a few Dashing Tweed pieces we have made from 3 piece cycling suits to a glow in the dark frock coat, it’s all really good fun.20121108-175122.jpg20121108-175348.jpg20121108-175405.jpg20121108-175418.jpg20121108-175425.jpg20121108-175501.jpg20121108-175536.jpg20121108-175523.jpg20121108-175555.jpg20121108-175614.jpg20121108-175624.jpg


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