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After Care

We know that you all look after your suits and keep them from harms way of everything from the English weather to what your journey into work throws at you, but what do you do when the day comes that you decide its actually time your suit needs a clean? Dry cleaning always seems to be the only option to those who can’t find anywhere who does a really good sponge and press service knowing that they’re favourate suit that they’ve protected so well over the last few months is being thrown around a big metal drum with not only lots of other clothes but lots of chemicals too! So what is the solution? Well Simon Crompton from blog permanent style seems to have solved the problem. He has done his investigation work and has seemed to have uncovered a gem in Burford valet, a sponge and press service that comes to you…. And at a very reasonable price. Those of you who scroll through tailoring blogs are no doubt very familiar with Mr Crompton’s permanent style but to any who are not, or who missed this review here’s the link.


Vintage H Lesser and Sons

Whilst visiting H Lesser and Sons mill last month we came across some vintage Lesser cloths in their store-room, after a thorough rummage and eliminating any under 3 metres we convinced them to send the rest down to us to store in our shop. Not knowing how far the lengths actually date back the rough estimate was 1960-1970s, most are super 120s upwards and have kid mohair blends with mainly a stripe or check of various colours running through. They have that retro look and the feel of the cloth is amazing. A lot of H Lesser and Sons fans have put various posts and reviews on what they think of the cloth and what makes it that bit better then anything else out there, from the way its woven to the amount of time put into the finish to make the cloth as durable as possible without losing the quality, none explain it much better then ‘Film Noir Buff’ in this post





Suits in this cloth are £1000 and will only have 1 pair of trousers due to how much fabric is left, Anyone who wishes to browse through the cloth its placed in the top right hand corner of our back wall.



The Queens Diamond Jubilee

We would like to congratulate the Queen on her diamond jubilee and what a fantastic long weekend we had here in London. Not only was it nice to see the Thames filled with some of the most fantastic boats, parks filled with fantastic concerts and streets filled with great parties but the uniforms on show were also a joy to behold, from Prince William and Prince Harry to the Pikeman at St Pauls. Here is a few Graham Browne uniforms that we our proud to have made and were on show.

Her Majesty with the Pikeman and musketeers.

Sheriffs of London ( Alderman Yarrow, Alderman Bear & Lay Sheriff Mead ).

and Lord mayor Wotten

A Colourful Summer

Summer is finally here and if the last week or so is to go by we are going to have a colourful english one. It always seems to be our friends across the pond that step out in vibrant colourful jacket, light stone trousers with suede loafers and we look on in admiration that not only do they have the weather but the confidence to wear such an outfit. I find the “weather” part is always an excuse to play it safe with maybe just a blue mohair pushing our summer boundaries. We have more the enough days in the summer to have at least one ” colourful summer ” suit and the poor days in between can play host to our normal attire. Here are some jackets we have done recently to show that we mix it with the best of them……






The Modern Tweed

Here is a slightly modern slant on something that traditionally would be worn out of town, but the tweed jacket is being worn more and more in town as a smart/casual option to every day suits. Dress down fridays in the city would consist of polo shirts/casual shirt with a pair of jeans and some loafers but in the last year or so fridays now consist of flannel/cords or cotton trousers and a sports jacket, Mainly Tweed. Years ago the lightest weight tweed you could get would be about 18oz to keep you warm and thornproof to protect the jacket against being damaged while out in the field. Now you can find tweed in 11oz cloths that are much more comfortable and practical to wear in town.

This is a 120z Porter & Harding donegal tweed, button 3 roll 2 with an out breast flap and rounded bellows pockets with a ticket pocket and flap above. The customer wanted a friday jacket that can look good but also handle all the bits and pieces he carries around with him, As tweed cloth is slightly denser it keeps its shape a lot better when put to the test of storing phones, wallets, glasses, pens etc. We all seem to have more and more stuff to carry these days, we even made a back lining of an overcoat last week with a pocket in to store a Mac Book…… Pics soon