The Travel Suit

This is something that is getting more and more popular over the last few years, a suit that can be worn on board a flight and look good once arrived at your destination and ready for a meeting that same day. Fresco fabric really fits this bill in more ways then one, The cloth is woven in fine Marino wool in two different weights, the 9/10 oz is a 3 ply weave where as the 11/12 oz is 4 ply. This gives the fabric that loose look and makes it open and breathable but has a finish that makes it very durable and difficult to crease. The only downside I find is that it has a slightly rough feel and a half lined trouser is essential. On this brown fresco we done inverted pleats on the patch pockets to be more practical when carrying your bits and pieces you need for your flight from your passport and boarding card to your in flight reading book, also a storm collar just incase the weather at the other end isn’t what you was expecting.





The two main bunches we use are Smith Woolens ‘Finmeresco’ and ‘fresco 2’ by J&J Minnus



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