The Modern Tweed

Here is a slightly modern slant on something that traditionally would be worn out of town, but the tweed jacket is being worn more and more in town as a smart/casual option to every day suits. Dress down fridays in the city would consist of polo shirts/casual shirt with a pair of jeans and some loafers but in the last year or so fridays now consist of flannel/cords or cotton trousers and a sports jacket, Mainly Tweed. Years ago the lightest weight tweed you could get would be about 18oz to keep you warm and thornproof to protect the jacket against being damaged while out in the field. Now you can find tweed in 11oz cloths that are much more comfortable and practical to wear in town.

This is a 120z Porter & Harding donegal tweed, button 3 roll 2 with an out breast flap and rounded bellows pockets with a ticket pocket and flap above. The customer wanted a friday jacket that can look good but also handle all the bits and pieces he carries around with him, As tweed cloth is slightly denser it keeps its shape a lot better when put to the test of storing phones, wallets, glasses, pens etc. We all seem to have more and more stuff to carry these days, we even made a back lining of an overcoat last week with a pocket in to store a Mac Book…… Pics soon

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