Interchangeable buttons

We was asked if it would be possible to make a jacket that could be transformed from a blazer to a sports jacket by being able to change the buttons. Occasionally we have made jackets with say pearl buttons for a wedding then have changed them to horn after the event, transforming it from wedding to work suit. It’s amazing the difference buttons make, even adding a brown horn button rather then navy on a blue suit seems to relax it a little. The main problem we had with this request was that the customer wanted 3 sets of buttons that he could change whenever he felt the need. Rather then supplying him with a roll of buttoning thread, we first made the buttons. After some research on small, thin but durable metals we decided the best option was a 3/4 inch long fishing bar which we hand stitched the buttons to. Where the buttons are normally sewn, we made hand eyelet holes for the bar to go through and used butterfly clips ( which is how military buttons are attached ) to secure them. The buttons of choice was a set on black blazer buttons, a set of gold and a set of brown horn.buttons1 buttons2 buttons3 buttons4

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