Cardigan style jacket

Made in holland & sherry’s Sherry tweed with the edges in fawn flannel this is what we can only describe as a cardigan jacket. It was based off of a vintage item of clothing that a member of the client’s family has had in there wardrobe for years and after searching high and low for something similar decided to replicate it. The plus side to making something from scratch is that you can eliminate the bits that you wasn’t so keen on and add bits that you feel improve it, also selecting a colour cloth that you know will work better with other bits of clothing in the wardrobe insures that you will be able to wear it more often. The cloth itself is very similar to Harris tweed and has that raw, natural unfinished feel, but unlike most Harris tweed bunches has a lot more unusual designs. Including this blue and grey large houndstooth they have colourful gun club checks, herringbones and donegal tweeds.20130213-172533.jpg20130213-174504.jpg20130213-174512.jpg20130213-174520.jpg20130213-174536.jpg20130213-174528.jpg20130213-174556.jpg20130213-174614.jpg20130213-174624.jpg20130213-174631.jpg20130213-174637.jpg20130213-174643.jpg




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