After Care

We know that you all look after your suits and keep them from harms way of everything from the English weather to what your journey into work throws at you, but what do you do when the day comes that you decide its actually time your suit needs a clean? Dry cleaning always seems to be the only option to those who can’t find anywhere who does a really good sponge and press service knowing that they’re favourate suit that they’ve protected so well over the last few months is being thrown around a big metal drum with not only lots of other clothes but lots of chemicals too! So what is the solution? Well Simon Crompton from blog permanent style seems to have solved the problem. He has done his investigation work and has seemed to have uncovered a gem in Burford valet, a sponge and press service that comes to you…. And at a very reasonable price. Those of you who scroll through tailoring blogs are no doubt very familiar with Mr Crompton’s permanent style but to any who are not, or who missed this review here’s the link.


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