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Graham Browne Christmas offer


Our winter offer this year will be on the 3 working days between Christmas and new years eve, the 29th, 30th and 31st December.  We are really excited that we are able to offer ranges from 4 of our favourite bunches,  H Lessor & Sons’ Lumbs golden bale, Steadfast by Smith woolens,  Harrisons’ Premier Cru and William Bills’ Superfleece jacketings.


Lumb’s Golden Bale is classed in the tailoring trade as the best of the best.  H lesser & Sons was one of the original Merchants invited to become members of the select club that were deemed worthy enough to supply cloth of this quality.  Lumb’s Golden Bale is the Flagship bunch for H Lesser cloths; the component fleeces are still handpicked and inspected by the some of the most experience buyers in Huddersfield.  They still insist on the highest levels of production, from the spinning into yarn, right though the weaving process, and onto the final finishing.

Lumb’s Golden Bale offer a range of fabrics in 9oz, 11oz & 13oz.  Suits in these 3 days are £1100.00


Steadfast has been a firm favourite of Graham Browne for many years.  Being 14 -15oz  we like to call this our “work horse ” bunch.  It is probably our hardest wearing fabric we stock and is brilliant for people working in the City that are always on the go.

Steadfast range is only 14-15oz.  Suits in these 3 days are £850.00


Harrisons’ Premier Cru is more of a luxurious fabric,  it is a super 100’s and cashmere so is the best cloth by feel that can be worn in the office or around town.

Premier Cru fabrics are 11oz.  Suits in these 3 days are £850.00


Super fleece is one of W Bill’s most popular tweed bunches,  they are all woven and designed in Scotland and have a really good drape and feel.

Super fleece tweeds are 11-12oz.  Sports jackets in these 3 days are £650.00

We also have a lot of stock cloths from cloth houses FOX FLANNEL, SCABAL, DUGDALE and HUNT AND WINTERBOTHAM.  All suits from our stock cloths are £800.00.




Campaign for wool week

As mentioned in the pervious post, yesterday was the day Savile row was transformed in aid of Wool week. It was a great day ( apart from the weather ) and all the models looked great donning they’re outfits made from they’re selected tailors.

Here is a few pics of our model ( left ) wearing our suit we made from Zegna cloth. Big thanks to Guy Hills of Dashing Tweeds for braving the conditions to get us same great pics.

sor1 sor2 sor3 sor4

Also on the day was a photo shoot of all the apprentices in our trade.  (Left to right) James, Altay, Roxy & Geri all of Graham Browne. The full apprentice picture will be uploaded as soon as we receive it.


Sheep on the row 2015

On Monday 5th October Savile Row will be transformed into a green pasture with merino sheep roaming the street for the beginning of wool week. 25 bespoke tailors have been chosen a paired with cloth mills and merchants to showcase what they do. GQ magazine will be there on the hunt for London’s best dressed men. We at Graham Browne are happy to be included in the 25 tailors and for any customers interested in coming to this event it is opening to the public from 10am to 6 pm. Look forward to seeing you there.ww1

The Bing Crosby tuxedo

In 1951, the world famous American crooner Bing Crosby was denied entrance into a Canadian hotel because he and his friend were dressed completely in denim. Although the Hotel management eventually recognized Bing and made an exception because of who he was, the story of the incident traveled fast. Friends of his back home contacted Levi Strauss and Co. and the designers immediately developed a custom denim tuxedo jacket for Bing so that he would never have problems wearing denim again, even in fancy establishments.

We have replicated this for the 1940’s to 1960’s inspired Goodwood vintage festival, an event based around fashion, music, art and design of that time.

bing1 bing2 bing3 bing4

Interchangeable buttons

We was asked if it would be possible to make a jacket that could be transformed from a blazer to a sports jacket by being able to change the buttons. Occasionally we have made jackets with say pearl buttons for a wedding then have changed them to horn after the event, transforming it from wedding to work suit. It’s amazing the difference buttons make, even adding a brown horn button rather then navy on a blue suit seems to relax it a little. The main problem we had with this request was that the customer wanted 3 sets of buttons that he could change whenever he felt the need. Rather then supplying him with a roll of buttoning thread, we first made the buttons. After some research on small, thin but durable metals we decided the best option was a 3/4 inch long fishing bar which we hand stitched the buttons to. Where the buttons are normally sewn, we made hand eyelet holes for the bar to go through and used butterfly clips ( which is how military buttons are attached ) to secure them. The buttons of choice was a set on black blazer buttons, a set of gold and a set of brown horn.buttons1 buttons2 buttons3 buttons4