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The first festival dinner BTBA

Last week we attended the BTBA (bespoke tailors benevolent association) first festival dinner, a charity that is designed to look after those in the trade who fall on hard times. Geoff Wheeler, head cloth rep for English cloth house Dugdale Bros invited us to dine with them along with Steve Willis ( former cloth designer for domeuil and now head of cloth house YTC ), Alan McGurrell ( now retired tailor formally based in Stafford St. ), Richard and Paul of Choppin & Lodge, permanent style’s Simon Crompton and lucky enough for us The Rake magazines photographer Luke Carby ( thanks for the pics!! ). It was held in the merchant tailor’s hall, an amazing building located just off of thread needle street in the city of London. A A Gill was our guest speaker and he kept us all well entertained with his witty humour and funny stories of when he himself worked in menswear.










Cardigan style jacket

Made in holland & sherry’s Sherry tweed with the edges in fawn flannel this is what we can only describe as a cardigan jacket. It was based off of a vintage item of clothing that a member of the client’s family has had in there wardrobe for years and after searching high and low for something similar decided to replicate it. The plus side to making something from scratch is that you can eliminate the bits that you wasn’t so keen on and add bits that you feel improve it, also selecting a colour cloth that you know will work better with other bits of clothing in the wardrobe insures that you will be able to wear it more often. The cloth itself is very similar to Harris tweed and has that raw, natural unfinished feel, but unlike most Harris tweed bunches has a lot more unusual designs. Including this blue and grey large houndstooth they have colourful gun club checks, herringbones and donegal tweeds.20130213-172533.jpg20130213-174504.jpg20130213-174512.jpg20130213-174520.jpg20130213-174536.jpg20130213-174528.jpg20130213-174556.jpg20130213-174614.jpg20130213-174624.jpg20130213-174631.jpg20130213-174637.jpg20130213-174643.jpg




New York Trip 15/16 Feb

We will be visiting New York on 15th & 16th February, Richard will be taking appointments for Friday at Gladson’s showroom which is located in the crown building on the crossroads of fashion, 57th street and 5th avenue, he will also be taking hotel appointments for Saturday. To book an appointment please email us at


Cerriti baby cashmere jacket

As promised in our previous post, here is the Cerriti baby cashmere made up. We were not surprised that for a cashmere it actually drapes really well as we could feel the substance in the cloth as mentioned previously. This grey prince of Wales with a salmon coloured over check has been made as a single breasted button 2 with slanted pockets and a very soft shoulder pad and minimal sleeve head.





Occasionally when we get an enquire for a suit we are ask the question “do your suits have hand buttonholes?” but surprisingly we don’t get asked the kind of quality. Hand buttonholes do look a lot cleaner and are more pleasing to the eye then machine buttonholes when they are done nicely, we have seen some over the years that are done on the heavy side that gives the buttonhole a short stumpy appearance which personally we think don’t look good. So here are some snaps of Katja sewing her buttonholes in a navy fox flannel pin stripe.